5 Reasons Why Rebecca Black is Probably the Antichrist

5 Reasons Why Rebecca Black is Probably the Antichrist | The Smoking Jacket


The hangover two

Tattoo Artist Who Owns Mike Tyson's Face Sues Hangover Studio for Copyright InfringementIt seems that the sequel to The Hangover features a gag about Ed Helms’ character getting a tattoo like Mike Tyson’s. One thing the Warner Bros. legal team probably didn’t anticipate: A copyright lawsuit from the “visual artist” who drew the original tattoo.

Need class action lawsuit against directors for making a sequel to this film.

More frat boy rap

AKON AND ASHER ROTH from Asher’s forthcoming second album, same overall theme as his last single.



I hope there are some Weezer samples on this second album. To quote REKS,

 Put a bullet in my brain, bury me with 2pac

 Put a needle in my vein<br>So I could ride next to Kurt Cobain

Physical will die but the soul will remain

Raps wack too many fake Eminems

Too many white boys, dye there hair blond and try to rhyme like him


Birdman Ends Debate on Reparations

Cash Money Records’ CEO Bryan “Birdman” Williams may own the most expensive car ever bought in the history of Hip-Hop, if his tweets are to be considered accurate.

The rap mogul, who has an estimated net worth of over $100 million dollars, is known for his love of expensive cars.

In August of 2010, Williams copped a red Bugatti Veyron worth $2 million dollars.

But he has apparently outdone himself with the purchase of a one-of-a-kind, $8 million dollar Maybach Exelero.

Obama + Birdman = The End of the Debate about Reparations.

Earlier today, I read a recent interview in which rapper/activist M-1 of dead prez took shots at Skip Gates for his anti-reparations article on African involvement in the slave trade. M1 offered the following assessment on race, money, and power:
I am not in agreement with Dr. Gates position but not for reasons one would assume. To me, the question of Reparations does not boil down to the money. It boils down to self-determination, even if it affected only 50 African groups as he suggests. The implication of this parasitic system is the question at hand. Reparations are only useful in a movement that understands the larger questions of power and is willing to assert that it will mean a better future for our people. Devoid of this analysis, yes, the petit bourgeoisie notion that we need to turn the page definitely wins.

I like M1’s socialist,marxist analysis of power and race.Birdman’s new purchase highlights the problem with mainstream hip hop’s version of power and money. Cash, cars, and fame do little to impact the material conditions of black/brown communities. And it also confirms Dave Chappelle’s concern over how black folk seem to blow money like (MC) Hammer: